Navigating the Depths of D.C. Label Atlantic Rhythms 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

When Sean Peoples’ experimental pop label, Sockets Records, shut down in early 2013, he was eager to take a break. The reprieve ended up being short-lived, however, as a confluence of personal and professional realizations led to him start laying the groundwork for what would become his next label, D.C.-based Atlantic Rhythms.

The first was that Peoples had begun to listen to music differently. Having just lost both of his parents to cancer, Peoples wanted to submerge himself in healing music; the idea of sound healing and tuning the mind and body for repair held a very strong resonance. He also really wanted to collaborate with his friend, Nick Apice, “to build something that could explore patterns, color, and graphic identity.” With a renewed sense of purpose and an interest in continuing to support the work of the collaborative community of independent artists he’d met through Sockets, Peoples founded Atlantic Rhythms in 2015.