Something Else! Reviews

Source: Something Else!

Tim Berne – ‘inSOMNIA’ (2011): On Second Thought

Ivo Perelman + Nate Wooley – ‘Polarity’ (2021)

Tony Malaby – ‘ Turnpike Diaries Volume 1’ (2021)

Russ Lossing – ‘Metamorphism’ (2021)

Michael Gregory Jackson – ‘Frequency Equilibrium Koan’ (1977, issued 2021)

Futari [Satoko Fujii + Taiko Saito] – ‘Beyond’ (2021)

Ivo Perelman Trio, with Matthew Shipp + Whit Dickey – ‘Garden of Jewels’ (2021)

Ivo Perelman, with Matthew Shipp + Joe Morris – ‘Shamanism’ (2020)

Catherine Sikora and Ethan Winogrand – ‘Things To Do In Paris’ (2020)

Natsuki Tamura, Satoko Fujii + Ramon Lopez – ‘Mantle’ (2020)

Caterpillar Quartet – ‘Threads’ (2020)

Owl Xounds Exploding Galaxy – ‘The Coalescence’ (2020)

Okuden (Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, William Parker + Hamid Drake) – ‘Every Dog Has Its Day But It Doesn’t Matter Because Fat Cat Is Getting Fatter’ (2020)

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