New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.

“Our second album ‘Umihiko Yamahiko’ was recorded at Bar Isshee on 11 December 2020 in Tokyo. Only 10 audience members were allowed in the room, which created a very intimate and shy atmosphere as usual. There was a zoom recorder quietly sitting on a chair. It belongs to one of the audience members. He said it’s his hobby to record live concerts. He wanted to archive as many show as possible and publish these 50 years later. We laughed that most of us wouldn’t be here by then. He kindly let us use the recording to publish it from TakuRoku. Only 3 months after!! That must be really too quick for him.” – Rie Nakajima

“I think Tina’s work is brilliant, but what I love so much about ‘Ice Cubes’ is how it hovers around a particular place, detours then returns, without feeling forced or over thought. And this I think is a hard thing to do in a timeline – create a sense of time and pace that doesn’t feel too rushed or too static. There’s some great moments: the placement of an environmental recording, as if offered for our consideration and then just removed. And the underlying undulations of a cello placed outside its musical frame, simultaneously both fragile and grounded, a haunting subaquatic echo, a prelinguistic memory, drawing the listener impossibly close.” – Mark Fell