Two New Books from Korm Plastics

Source: Korm Plastics.

WONDERSOUND by Freek Kinkelaar

Freek Kinkelaar has been writing about weird, wild and wonderful music for various international magazines, contributing liner notes for releases by labels such as Cherry Red, and writing essays on music. Wondersound is about being amazed, challenged, bedazzled and caressed by music and documents obscure vinyl, cassettes, artist records and vanity pressings – covering avant-garde, noise, ambient, lounge and experimental music.

Featuring an introduction written by Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, Wondersound cover many genres in various articles and over 80 columns including artists as diverse as The International Sex Opera Band, SPK, Su Tissue, Pierre Schaeffer, Derek Jarman, La Monte Young, Princess Tinymeat, Zoviet France and Robbie the Werewolf!


In the 1980s, De Waard published a total of four editions of De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus’, listing all known, independently released cassettes in The Netherlands. No images, no descriptions, just a list. This book contains all four catalogues, along with a 100-page selection of ‘source material’, articles from Vinyl, Muziekkrant Oor, De Nieuwe Koekrand, the complete one-off K7 fanzine, along with letters, flyers and labels information giving an overview of the famous Dutch independent scene of that decade.

This book comes with an English introduction on the background of the various editions of the catalogues, and the guide to use is in English. Otherwise, it is all in Dutch.