Pauline Anna Strom’s Angel Tears in Sunlight

Source: The Quietus.

Pauline Anna Strom (1946–2020) – visionary synthesist, composer and spiritualist. Born blind, she taught herself to compose intuitively, releasing a series of hauntingly beautiful cassette tapes and LPs between 1982 and 1988 under the name Trans-Millenia Consort. Not much was known about her and – aside from a cultish following on Discogs – she passed into near-obscurity, having allegedly sold all of her production equipment due to financial constraints. Until 2017, when RVNG Intl delivered a critically acclaimed anthology of the re-mastered compositions. Since then, an ever-growing fanbase of ambient enthusiasts has become fascinated by her otherworldly music and hermetic existence. Living secluded in her apartment with her two beloved iguanas Miss Huff and Little Solstice, Strom was a fiercely independent mind who even refused to learn braille, declaring it “boring”. The posthumous arrival of Angel Tears in Sunlight (her first album in over three decades) is a testament to her unique life and the often forgotten yet essential part women have played in the history of electronica.