New Releases From VAAGNER 

Source: VAAGNER.

Mats Erlandsson – 4-Track Guitar Music (2xLP)
Originally released on tape via Kali Malone’s and Maria W. Horn’s coveted XKatedral label, this suite of cathartic guitar drones now finally makes its way onto vinyl, including an unreleased bonus track that Mats Erlandsson composed around the same time of the works original release.

Various Artists – The Male Activity Years (CS)
An ode to Male Activity, chronologically showcasing various neo-ambient works from the now defunct Winnepeg label, which existed between 2012 and 2019.

Angelo Harmsworth – The Voyeur’s Gambit (3xCS)
Two hours of archival material, including a new remix by Theodore Cale Schafer.
People familiar with Angelo’s past work will know what to expect; richly layered, immaculately detailed, long form sonic tapestries.