Eight Essential Albums From The Heliocentrics 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Over the past 14 years, critics have struggled to classify The Heliocentrics’s sound, which pulls jazz, soul, and funk into one mix, traversing the spectrum of psychedelic library music. Though the band formed in 2004, their aesthetic lands somewhere in the mid ’70s, when the tenets of these genres started blending to create a new, almost indiscernible vibration. Co-founded by bassist Jake Ferguson and drummer-producer Malcolm Catto, the group formed out of their respective solo projects. Ferguson helmed a collective called Nesta; Catto recorded under the name Popcorn Bubble Fish. Then one day, Ferguson asked Catto to play live drums on a track he’d been working on. It became a tune called “Winter Song,” which was released as a seven-inch in 2005 via Jazzman Records. A stripped-down version of the track appeared on the Heliocentrics’s debut album, 2007’s Out There. Equally indebted to Can, Miles Davis, Sun Ra (the band takes their name from 1965’s The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra), contemporary classical, folk, post-punk, drone rock, and solo instrument/spoken-word records, one of music’s most cosmically-inclined groups was set for takeoff.