New Releases From Moderna Records

Source: Moderna.

Jacob David :: Mursejler LP

It’s finally here! We’ve been working with Jacob since the very outset of the label, and it’s been such a pleasure to share in his music making over the years. This record is a gorgeous affair from start to finish, full of catchy and thoughtful melodies, playing that is at times delicate and others playful, and loaded with honesty and emotion. In short, we think you’ll love it. You can spin it on all digital platforms now, or treat yourself to a 180g vinyl pressing complete with artwork by Jon Beacham / The Brother in Elysium.

Hiroco.M – Towards the Light

“In dark times we look for light and head towards it, as it was ingrained into our very essence.” Composer Hiroco.M on her luminous new solo piano number. This is the first glimpse of her upcoming EP Still, an introspective and self-reflective collection of piano pieces inspired by the stillness of 2020. You can give the single a listen now ahead of the EP’s February 26th release.

Jeroen Dirrix – Drifting / Currents

Dutch producer Jeroen Dirrix invites us into a trance-like meditation with his new set of pieces. In this A/B single, his electronic minimalism is on full display; he’s created a delectable ebb and flow of warm, organic sounds and layers of arpeggiated analogue synths…