Just How Many Submissions Does Avant Music News Get?

I’ve often written that we are overwhelmed with submissions and therefore unable to listen to, much less review, all of them. But rather than relying on estimates, we collected actual numbers for January 2021.

In short, the count is 351 submissions, for an average of 11.3 per day.

Most of these submissions were via email. We occasionally receive a handful through physical mail and social media messaging, but there were only about five arriving in that fashion during the month. Of the submissions, many are off-topic, in that they are directed to types of music that – while possibly enjoyable, well-done, or otherwise solid – are outside the scope of the site. Also, some submissions were for multiple albums, boxed sets, or otherwise long recordings. One, in particular, was for an 11-hour piece of music. Therefore, the 351 number is an underestimate.

If translated into listening time with a few reasonable estimates applied, we have about 263 hours of music. If only half of the recordings are on topic, we still have over 130 hours.

To write a decent review, multiple listens are advisable if not required. So let’s multiply 130 by 2 (a conservative number) and we’re back to around 260 hours if we were to write reviews of all of these albums. That’s 8.4 hours per day, every day, in the month of January.

Of course, we have multiple people writing reviews, so we can say, divide that number by 4 and come up with around 2 hours per day. But that does not account for the fact that we have jobs, families, other obligations, and importantly we need to avoid burnout.

In January, we published 19 reviews, 5 of which were for multiple albums. Realistically, that was a good month for content generation.

So like I’ve said many times, there a ton of great music that does not get covered here. If we don’t get to your album, it says absolutely nothing about what we think about the album or its quality. What it does say, however, is that this little corner of the music world has grown tremendously and that there is no shortage of great stuff out there.