New Takuroku Releases

Source: Takuroku.


Chavez and Wheeler have been performing as a duo since 2015. Their sound piece “Is Made Uneasy” is the intro to Maria’s long form sound piece, Between a Gunshot & a Whisper, as part of Every Time An Ear Di Soud for Documenta14 in Kassel, Germany.

Their duo work has been presented by Cruces Espacio de Arte in Madrid, Spain, as part of the Abasement Series at Max Fish, NYC and has aired on KunstRadio, Vienna, 3cR Melbourne, Australia, the Lot Radio, Brooklyn.

The Recording Residency at the Kitchen provided a safe space for Maria, (currently on medical sabbatical while recovering from a rare brain surgery in the Spring of 2019 and who expects to return to public performance in 2022-23) accommodating her current condition while allowing the duo to experiment with her new/ larger set up at lower volumes frequencies and generally reacquaint themselves with each other after over a year and a half of not being able to perform together.


This is a drum solo about:

1. Life cycles of make-up (decomposing) and rhythm cycles of drums (decomposing);

2. Documentation of materials from a time (pre- June 2020) when colours of skin (Black and Brown) would be left over barely used within the ‘aspirational’ image making sector;

3. Discontinued make-up (the updated formulation of this skin make-up contains 3 types of silicone) and the
ethics of ingredients changing with time;

4. Time, drum-time and the changing smell of plant based time-responsive make-up;

5. 4D moved to 3D (party poi movements), collapsed to 2D (skins), painted and then reimagined back to 4D (time).