Kidd Jordan, Tomeka Reid, and Wadada Leo Smith are United States Artists 2021 Fellows

Source: United States Artists.

Edward “Kidd” Jordan
Jazz Musician, Saxophonist, and Educator
New Orleans, LA
My wife, kids, and I are always playing, singing, listening to, and talking about music. Music is how we think about life. It’s the discipline of doing something that keeps you looking forward to the next thing. We distance of course, but we still enjoy talking, sharing, and eating. That’s a New Orleans thing. Our culture is our life, so we continue to be who we are with restrictions.

Tomeka Reid
Cellist, Composer, Bandleader, and Organizer
Chicago, IL
Be gentle with yourself. Be flexible. Be forgiving. Be patient. But also allow yourself space to be upset, confused, disenchanted. This moment is both devastating and enlightening. Don’t force yourself or beat up on yourself if you feel you can’t do it at the moment. Listen to your body and take as much care as possible. Love is really all there is.

Wadada Leo Smith
Creative Composer and Trumpeter
New Haven, CT
Creativity is a reflection on the quality of who you are, and one’s ability to dig deeper within themselves and connect with the environment. For me, I am a reflective person and I am affected by what I read, personal experiences, and my dream state. I shut down one week before the national shutdown and immediately started to work on String Quartet #13, 14, and 15, and Ankhrasmation symbolic scores.