Harmonic Series Newsletter No. 1

Source: harmonic series.

I interview PG Moreno, who has organized the Epistrophy Arts concert series in Austin, Texas, USA since 1998. Upon moving to Austin in 2014 and seeing Fred Frith live, presented by Epistrophy Arts, I was encouraged to dig deeper into improvised music. Over video chat, we talk about the approaches, processes, joys, and headaches of organizing, providing impressions of Austin along the way. One big takeaway for me is the positive impact of international cultural exchange at the local level, and the near-impossibility of it due to American visa and work permit policies. Another: advocate for this music whichever way you can!

Robin Hayward – Words of Paradise

Cristián Alvear & Cyril Bondi – Michael Pisaro​-​Liu: E là Fora (self-released, 2021)
Martina Bertoni – Music For Empty Flats (Karlrecords, 2021)
Eric Chenaux – “3 Stars On Mountain Of Doom” (Constellation, 2021)
Mia Dyberg / Matthias Müller – Wide Pointillism (self-released, 2021)
Signe Emmeluth – Hi Hello I’m Signe (Relative Pitch, 2021)
gabby fluke-mogul – threshold (Relative Pitch, 2021)
Antonin Gerbal – Connectors (Remote Resonator, 2021)
Susie Ibarra – Talking Gong (New Focus Recordings, 2021)
Marina Kifferstein – Open Improvisations (self-released, 2020)
Kode9 – “The Jackpot” / “Rona City Blues” (Hyperdub, 2021)
Catherine Lamb – Muto Infinitas (Another Timbre, 2021)
Mike Majkowski – Fields (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., 2021)
Damon Smith – Bass Duos 2000-2007 (Balance Point Acoustics, 2021)
Marshall Trammell & William Fowler Collins – Untitleable (SIGE, 2020)
Michael Winter – single track (Another Timbre, 2021)