New Releases From Chant Records 

Source: Chant Records.

Artist: Robert Dick and Dan Blake
Title: Laugh and Lie Down
Genres: Jazz, Experimental, Avant-garde
“Laugh and Lie Down” documents an unlikely pairing of flute and soprano saxophone, recorded at Brooklyn’s Scholes Street Studio. The result is a complete musical study of the treble clef. Robert Dick and Dan Blake are both committed to exploring the unknown corners of their instrument, what the late Steve Lacy (with whom both artists have a history) referred to as the “strange relatives” that live in parts of town people rarely go visit. As the premier flutist of his generation who literally wrote the book cataloguing new sounds achievable on his instrument, Robert Dick brings an authority to these performances that is unparalleled. Dan Blake’s adventurous attitude on the soprano saxophone offers a percussive, crunchy-yet-lyrical foil to the proceedings.

Artist: Randi Pontoppidan and Thomas Buckner
Title: Voicescapes
Genres: Experimental, Avant-garde
Randi Pontoppidan and Thomas Buckner started singing together almost immediately when they met in 2017. From a serendipitous session at Pontoppidan’s home to performances at Copenhagen’s Monday Club, they discovered a shared language of improvisation, musical invention and spiritual connection. In 2018, they recorded at Karmacrew Studio with engineer John Fomsgaard, on the beautiful island of Møn, Denmark. With no preconceived musical material, no overdubs and no sound sources other than voices, “Voicescapes” documents the spontaneous music of two kindred souls.