New From Cruel Nature Records

Source: Cruel Nature Records.

Sarcastic Burn Victim ‘Blood & Stomach Pills’ (limited edition cassette – 40 copies / digital download)
16 tracks of Harsh Skronky Jazz Grindcore in just under 30 minutes. Like John Coltrane quadruple booked on the same stage as Extreme Noise Terror, Swans and The Incapacitants. “It’s the manic horn action that really makes Blood & Stomach Pills the experience that it is. It’s chaotic, discordant, and above all, incongruous – but then again, it calls to mind the jazz-coloured noise of GOD, as well as recent work by ṠḶẏ & Ṯḧḕ ḟḀṁḭḶẏ ḊṙṏṆḕ – but this is probably the grindiest permutation of such crazed free jazz I’ve encountered yet.” (Aural Aggravation)

ZEBULARIN ‘Semantic Radiation’ (limited edition cassette – 40 copies / digital download)
Zebularin is an ever-changing and shapeshifting instrumental collective hailing from Stuttgart. Besides the mutual interest in improvisation, science, alchemy and the social implications of music, all of its members have different and sometimes even diverging musical backgrounds rooted in ambient, jazz, noise, classical music, postrock or freeform electronics. There is no focus on a specific genre or aesthetic whatsoever, but rather on the constant interplay of tension and release as an intuitive playground of joined forces. Sounds are prone to aggregation and coagulation, structures pile up and explode/implode, deteriorate and vanish. Sometimes they reappear. Uneventfulness and density are always interconnected. Openness is the key.

3) LUSHWORKER ‘Immunosuppression / Preacher / Cygnus / Consort’ (limited edition double-cassette – 75 copies / digital download)
FOUR albums from Mike Vest’s (he of BONG – Band UK, 11PARANOIAS, OZO, MELTING HAND, BLOWN OUT, Mienakunaru etc) solo project, collated into a 2hr 20min trip on a chunky double-tape!! ” … ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space. Although with distant cymbals crashing like gongs of violence across the galaxies and sensing rippling waves through the cosmic expanse of slow synth washes and elongated guitar drones that manage to convey the experience of surveying a slow-drifting nebula from a station floating free from orbit” (Aural Aggravation)