Braxton / Tri-Centric Foundation News

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation.

Monday February 1
21:00 CET (20:00 GMT, 3PM EST)
Echo Echo Mirror House Music
Composition No. 381 (Anthony Braxton)
Online try-out livestreaming performance
Working closely with Tri-Centric’s Carl Testa, Belgian guitarist Kobe Van Cauwenberghe will present a first step in the realization of a multinational live version of EEMHM. Van Cauwenberghe is joined by saxophonist Steven Delannoye, tubist Niels Van Heertum, violin player Winnie Huang and organist Hampus Lindwall as well as Carl Testa himself, who will perform the sound collage live from New Haven via Zoom.

Tri-Centric has been quietly busy. James Fei is once again working with the International Contemporary Ensemble, this time for a multinational event featuring Braxton works, TBA. Last time they collaborated, they delivered the excellent online lecture on the music of Anthony Braxton. Kyoko Kitamura just taught five classes on Anthony’s music systems to high school students, and will continue working with the next generation of musicians and music lovers. There are other exciting collaborations, as well as a new Anthony Braxton boxset in the works, so please stay tuned!

Kyoko Kitamura is featured on two new releases. William Parker’s epic 10-CD Migration of Silence Into and Out of the Tone World, released yesterday, is a stunning tour de force with women’s voices at the core and a stellar cast of improvisers on the scene. Composer Taylor Ho Bynum and librettist Matthea Harvey’s oratorio The Temp, performed last year, will have a watch party and an album release on Wednesday February 17th, 8PM EST. With the The Coast Jazz Orchestra, under Bynum’s direction, the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Filippo Ciabatti, vocalists Kyoko Kitamura and Michael Mayo, saxophonist Jim Hobbs, trombonist Bill Lowe, drummer Tomas Fujiwara and violinist Erica Dicker. Don’t miss! (Please click on cover art for links to Bandcamp for both albums.)

Ingrid Laubrock has two online events coming up.
February 21, 1-5PM EST
Bang on the Can Marathon – 16 brand new works by pioneering composers

February Marathon 2021

February 23, 8PM EST
Arts for Art Online Salon
Ingrid Laubrock tenor saxophone
Brandon Lopez double bass
Tom Rainey drums

Thumbscrew’s new album Never Is Enough drops on February 26th, all original material by Tomas Fujiwara, Mary Halvorson and Michael Formanek. In regards to the relationship between The Anthony Braxton Project and the upcoming release, Michael Formanek says, “Braxton’s presence was very strong in this period, spending time with his music, reading some of the composition notes…I think and hope the influence was there. It was definitely in our minds. I don’t know if there’s a direct influence, but definitely inspiration.”

Also on February 26th at 7:30PM EST is Carl Testa’s livestreaming event Sway Solo Demo and Performance. Carl will demonstrate the Sway system, explain how it works, show a bit of the code/software, and give a solo performance for bass and live processing. The audience can ask questions via chat.

Kamala Sankaram’s production in Chicago, Taking Up Serpents, has shifted to an online event. An opera about Pentecostal snake handlers, it will be shown on February 27th 7:30PM CST.

Jessica Pavone is set to release her fourth solo viola album When No One Around You is There but Nowhere to be Found (Relative Pitch Records) in the spring of this year.