New Releases From Takuroku 

Source: Takuroku.


Collected from a mixture of solo bedroom recordings and playful vignettes made with friends, ‘Recalling’ takes snapshots of memories and brings them into the present. ‘Crack’, a whimsical improvisation on drum machine and synth, recalls the usually bustling tennis court beside his house during the first lockdown in April. ‘Near the dam’ swims through a memory of the Takizawa Dam in West Tokyo, rendering a sense of cinematic wonder in a set floating keyboard motifs. ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, the only track made before lockdown, documents a session with Victor Herrero in his house, with Koichi’s theremin painting brushstrokes of electronic melancholia over Victor’s wistful acoustic guitar.


Named after the sweeping clouds of blue light and discrete pulses emitted by luminescent Ostracods, which resemble slow motion fireflies as they signal to the ocean depths at moonset, the resulting piece ‘Night Signal’ uses electronic manipulation to process tiny recorded extracts of clarinet multiphonics and bells scanned at tens of thousandths the time of their normal speed to reveal hidden timbres, creating atmospheres that slowly unfold, shift and develop, until eventually dissolving back into the the waves.