Help Ingrid Laubrock’s Tuition Fees

Source: GoFundMe.

The disastrous and life-changing situation we found ourselves in last year has had a terrible impact on performers. Our foreseeable future is uncertain. After much soul-searching, I have decided to apply to a master’s program in composition. I have always been both a performer and a composer, and my hope is to concentrate on the latter as we await to see what the post-pandemic life holds for us. A master’s program will not only give me more tools as a composer, but will also earn me the official qualifications to teach at college level. I am a mature musician with over 30 years of practical experience and would love to mentor younger students.

I was just accepted at the prestigious Vermont College of Fine Arts for a masters in music composition. However, the course is currently out of my price range even with the partial scholarship of $24,000 they offer.

This program is particularly attractive to me as it is low residency. This means not only that I can stay in NYC, but also that, once performances start again, I will be able to continue to work to support myself while studying.