Catalytic SoundStream Launches

Source: Catalytic Sound is a Chicago-based label that specializes in all kinds of interesting unconventional sounds. It is launching its own paid streaming service. Here is the blurb for the lowest-level of membership:

By becoming a Soundstream member, you cast a vote for independent musicians and against the power of the corporate streaming industry. Despite their reliance on the creativity and labor of musicians, streaming services pay artists almost nothing for their work, and treat musicians as cogs in a content-production machine.

The Catalytic Soundstream is our solution to this systemic imbalance: an artist owned and curated, subscription-based streaming service that pays Catalytic Sound co-op musicians 2/3 of net income generated through listeners’ subscriptions. Independent record labels represented on the Label Radio tier will also compensate their artists a proportional amount.

Subscribe to the Soundstream and gain instant access to a rotating selection of over 90 albums from Catalytic Sound artists and our friends at Corbett vs. Dempsey, NoBusiness Records, Relative Pitch Records, Astral Spirits, and more.