Coming to Astral Spirits in 2021 

Source: Astral Spirits Records.

LP’s: We’ll start off the year strong again with a trio of releases from Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed, Kuzu (Dave Rempis, Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon), and [Ahmed]!!! From there we’ll have LP’s from Rob Frye (new collab record of Bitchin’ Bajas + Quin Kirchner + Ben Lamar Gay + more!!), claire rousay, Charles Rumback (a new group feat. Ron Miles (!!), Macie Stewart, Jason Stein, Jim Baker, Greg Ward and more), Susie Ibarra & Tashi Dorji, Luke Stewart and more!!

CD’s: New unreleased material from the Alvin Fielder Quartet (feat. Dave Dove, Jason Jackson + Damon Smith), Jeremiah Cymerman & Charlie Looker, archival recording of Fred Anderson / Joshua Abrams / Mike Reed, Gordon Grdina & Jim Black, Paula Shocron/William Parker/Pablo Díaz, Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed, and more!!!

TAPES: Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen (double cassette!), Chris Williams & Patrick Shiroishi, Aaron Novik, Mako Sica (w/Tatsu Aoki, Thymme Jones & Jacob Fawcett), Michael Foster & Ben Bennett and much more!