RIP Stanley Cowell

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Stanley Cowell, the eminent American jazz pianist, educator, and co-founder of the groundbreaking jazz label, Strata-East Records, died from a condition known as hypovolemic shock in a Delaware hospital on December 17th. He was 79.

An innovative and technically accomplished pianist whose influences ranged from the virtuosic Art Tatum to the avant-garde iconoclast Cecil Taylor, Cowell patented a distinctly percussive approach to the keyboard that acknowledged the jazz tradition while propelling his music forward into new and unexplored territory. Cowell served his musical apprenticeship playing with modern jazz icons like Max Roach, Miles Davis, and Stan Getz in the late 60s before quickly blossoming into a self-assured leader who forged an individualistic path in jazz that always sought to expand the music’s horizons without ignoring its blues roots.

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