AMN Reviews: Agamemnon Moustakas – Exaggerations [s/r Bandcamp]

Exaggerations is the second solo release from Greek pianist Agamemnon Moustakas. Moustakas, who is a composer and accordionist as well as a pianist, has played in ensembles of various sizes and configurations, most recently releasing a set of improvisations for piano, saxophone, and drums. Here we hear him by himself in four improvised pieces of truly oceanic reach. The music pours out in waves, cascades, ripples, and trickles as the moment seems to require; like the ocean, Moustakas’ improvisations seem to mimic the arcs of intensity that characterize a broad range of passing emotions and their more durable underlying moods. There’s no hesitation here, just the assured forward motion of a musical logic confident of itself, pursuing its convolutions and teasing out its implications until reaching its seemingly inevitable point of denouement. As an expansively played exploration of his own version of pianistic abstract impressionism, Moustakas’ Exaggerations is a fine follow-up to 2018’s Carriers of Misperception, his previous solo recording.

Daniel Barbiero

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