Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Source: Downtown Music Gallery.

I have been thinking about the term “Spiritual Jazz” or “Spirit Jazz” a great deal lately. Since the pandemic hit in March of this year, 10 months ago, most of us have been forced indoors, often alone or with just the folks that we live with (or our families). It has been a difficult time dealing with fear, frustration, confusion, misinformation and most of all, loneliness. Since I find that being with other fellow or feline music freaks is what makes me happy, I’ve had to work on some inner inspiration being alone myself. Listening to, searching for and dancing to Creative Music inspires me and has kept me sane and focused for better days ahead. One of the main ongoing searches that I’ve been on is finding that spirit force/sound in different types of music: Free Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Funk, Folk and a variety of Ethnic musics. Many feel that John Coltrane’s later period epics like “A Love Supreme” and “Ascension” are the beginnings of Spirit Jazz and I agree that that music still inspires me today. Two recent records, Mars Williams’ ‘Ayler/X-Mas’ – Vol. 4 and Henry Kaiser/Vinny Golia’s ‘A Love Supreme Electric’ both capture that cosmic, spirit, jazz/rock vibe really well and every time I listen, I am taken away. The new Tisziji Munoz CD, listed below, is also coming from a similar place. Thanks to all of the musicians and creative spirits around the world whose job it is to help us get through these strange times with their soul-searching sounds.