WildUp’s Darkness Sounding Festival Takes Place in January and February

Source: WildUp.

Saturday, January 16 (5 pm PT): Aleph, Desert Gaze – world premiere
Jiji and Gulli Bjornsson, guitars; Drew Busmire, VR architect/designer
In a cyber-psychedelic virtual desert designed by Busmire (see photo above), Jiji and Bjornsson will improvise to prompts generated by a digital Magic 8 Ball in response to questions from the online audience. The desert space will remain up online, with drones by the collaborators, for the duration of the festival.

Sunday, January 17 (6:58 am – 5:08 pm PT): simple lines/quiet music/silent songs
richard valitutto, piano
A sunrise-to-sunset livestream house concert by valitutto, who will play music of long durations and gentle solitude by Ann Southam, Valentin Silvestrov, Frederico Mompou, Alvin Curran, and many others.

Friday, January 22 – Sunday, January 24 (twice per day, at sunrise and sunset): A moonbeam is just a filtered sunbeam – world premiere
Andrew McIntosh, composer/violin
Premiere performances, online, of an hourlong work by McIntosh, who writes: “Moonbeam was created in 2020 out of improvisations on violin, viola, and piano that have been layered, edited, and electronically processed, with field recordings of the wind passing through Bristlecone pines, and a few sounds mixed in from my sample libraries of bowed cymbals, bowed wine glasses, and stones on slate.”

Tuesday, January 26 – Sunday, February 7 (various times): There You Are
Holland Andrews, composer/vocals
A series of micro-performances that take place over the phone. Andrews has created a new work that will be emailed to each participant to be played in an available speaker or sound system in their home. Andrews will then call them to sing and speak to them. The performances were developed so each chosen participant can feel comfortable and intimately connected to a sound experience that was curated for the “audience” at that moment.

Additional events will include a guided desert sound walk by Archie Carey; a traveling pair of hand-cast bells, created by Chris Kallmyer; an intimate concert tour by vocalist Odeya Nini, who will sing through a lucky set of listeners’ open windows; self-guided nature hikes with accompanying soundtracks by Marta Tiesenga, Eliza Bagg, and Wild Up’s Artistic Director, Christopher Rountree; and more.