NowNet Arts Festival 2020 Livestream on December 20

Source: NowNet Arts.

DECEMBER 20, 2020

NowNet Arts Festival is an annual event featuring premieres of contemporary network arts works by multiple artists for the NowNet Arts Ensemble and collaborating groups. The works are performed live via the internet by artists in different geographic locations. The 2020 Festival is taking place online with live performers in Barcelona, California, Chicago, Lucerne, New York, and Zurich utilizing performance-quality low-latency network arts technologies. The audience will attend online in Vimeo Live.

2:00pm NowNet Arts Ensemble

Set 1
Requiem: Interconnection by Sarah Weaver

Set 2
Downstream Relays by Stephan Moore
The Ship With Marigold Sails by Joseph McPhee

Performers: Yoon Sun Choi, voice (New York), Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone (New York), Ned Rothenberg, woodwinds (New York), Matthias Ziegler, flutes (Zurich), James Zollar, trumpet (New York), Ray Anderson, trombone (New York), David Taylor, bass trombone (New York), Mark Dresser, bass (California), Gerry Hemingway, percussion, electronics (Lucerne), JoVia Armstrong, percussion, electronics (California), Stephan Moore, electronics (Chicago), Sarah Weaver, conductor (New York)

4:00pm Intermedia Performance

Wind Circuits by Katherine Liberovskaya, live visuals (New York), Barbara Held, flute (Barcelona), Dafna Naphtali, electronics (New York)