New Releases From Midira Records

Source: Midira Records.

“Modulation Grid II”
This release is a documentation and continuation of a live set, which took place at the Moving Noises Festival 2019 at Christuskirche Bochum. Side A features a very intimate and quiet set simply based on accordion and concertina, played by Dirk Serries and Martina Verhoeven. Side B features an epic ambient reconstruction by A-Sun Amissa. The tape is available in two colourways with two different onbody designs.

“Consciousness of Undefined”
ASERET is the moniker of Andrea Loriga, originally from Sardinia, currently based in Berlin. His debut delivers some very warm electronic sounds, constructing beautiful ambient landscapes which build a surrounding sound, like a warm embracement. Partially it´s not conceivable that this music is based only on electronic sounds.