AKAMU Music News and Releases

Source: AKAMU Music Productions.

Last Roscoe Mitchell album was released on Nov. 27th. “Four Sure” is a surprising album that is relesead in this challenging year, perhaps not by chance: Roscoe Mitchell meets Mazzoll & Arthythmic Perfection one of the most important band of the Polish Jazz scene since 80s, a period of radical changes, especially in Eastern Europe, just before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. This album has been released at the end of this year where major transformations and changes due to pandemic are needed.

James Brandon Lewis never stops: he’s just released Molecular on October 16th and his new Red Lily Quintet “Jesup Wagon” is being released on March 2021. Moreover his Solo Sax album will be released 2021 too.

Jacqueline Kerrods, who released an album in duo with Anthony Braxton last April, is writing a solo project she is embarking on. For the month of December she is releasing an improvisation each day. At the end of the month the plan is to work with these improvisations to make an album.

Thumbscrew – Tomas Fujiwara / Mary Halvorson / Michael Formanek – put out The Anthony Braxton Project in June and have another recording of originals, also on Cuneiform, coming out in February. Can’t say more… but yes, I can say something about a new Micheal Formanek cd with his Son Peter coming out in January 2021 on Out Of Your Head, Adam Hopkins’ label. Then in March or April 2021 Intakt will release a solo cd that’s just being finished up by Michael. we are looking forward

Marco Colonna, another new entry on Akamu’s roster with Alexander Hawkins duo, released on October 22 Dolphy Underlined. Italian reeds player Marco Colonna and British pianist Alexander Hawkins reflect on the music of the visionary Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. (1928-1964). Their «Dolphy Underlined», recorded live in Rome in February 2020, reinvents and frames Dolphy’s music with references to contemporary music of the 20th century, inspiration from Africa to Europe, and through the work of Anthony Braxton (who interpreted Dolphy’s «Miss Ann» and «Out to Lunch») and Misha Mengelberg (who played on Dolphy’s «Last Date», Fontana, 1964). This is the continuation of one of the first reviews on it.

Elaine Mitchener is working on a new album: Some Good News with Black Top (Pat & Orphy) / Hamid Drake, William Parker. This is in the works for OTOROKU, next January. Probably. While waiting for that, here you find a radioconcert with Elaine and the Ensemble MAM – Ensemble MAM (Manufaktur für Aktuelle Musik) and one at the London Sinfonietta.

Jessica Pavone released on Oct 9 Lost and Found celebrates the second release for the J. Pavone String Ensemble, an unconventional quartet consisting of Pavone and Abby Swidler on violas, and Erica Dicker and Angela Morris on violins. Founded in 2017, they present original compositions that expand on the themes of Pavone’s extensive solo work while facilitating recent research into the effects of sonic vibration on human physiology and emotional health known as Cymatics.

Upcoming concerts/residencies/events

Famoudou Don Moye Quintet will play January 24th 2021 in Paris at Musée de Quai Branly – Jaques Chirac for Sons D’Hiver.

For the same Festival in Paris, Elaine Mitchener will perform on 12 Feb 2021 Vocal Classics of the black avant-garde.

Before that, Elaine on 10 Dec 2020 will do an online performance for the London Contemporary Music Festival – LCMF.