New Releases From NendoDango Records

Source: NendoDango Records.

Breves poemas sonoros
by Pablo Díaz

Recorded some weeks before the lockdown, at Parque Chacabuco, Buenos Aires, in February 2020. This album is the recording of some improvisations I played during five days of a week, every morning, at Parque Chacabuco, which is a beautiful park close to my home. Some weeks after these performances the lockdown started and the park became empty. We could walk around it but we couldn’t enter. This situation took me to re-listen all the tracks, edit some pieces, and write some poems about the emptiness of sound in the parks; the emptiness of listening there.

La Melodía del Idioma
by Alexis Perepelycia, Albert Cirera

La Melodía del Idioma, a collaboration between drummer Alexis Perepelycia and saxophonist Albert Cirera, is a beautiful album recorded in Rosario, Santa Fe, during the Cirera’s tour around Argentina.