The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: November 2020

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

The obvious theme for the year’s home stretch would be how improbable it was that 2020 could match 2019 in excellent jazz releases. Last year was, arguably, the modern era’s 1959—the mark of a new golden age in jazz. Having spent most of the year denied of our refuges, indoors and away from loved ones, it begs the question: Did the music mean more because of that isolation? Did we grasp hold of it tighter so that it would fill the vacuum left in the pandemic’s wake? And because of that, does the music of 2020 feel like it shines that much brighter? Those questions are for each of us to answer individually. However we choose to respond, there’s no room for doubt that the music of 2020 came to us when we needed it most. Here are some of the latest examples.