Echoes Podcast: Ane Brun & Steve Roach

Source: Echoes.

Norwegian singer Ane Brun has been captivating us for several years now. She sang with Peter Gabriel on his tours and on the version of “Don’t Give Up” that appears on Gabriel’s New Blood album. As a solo artist who released her debut in 2003, she started out as something of a conventional singer song-writer, inspired by Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, but she’s evolved over the years into a chamber brand of dream pop that is sometimes acoustic and sometimes electronic. She’s just released two albums that reveal both those sides, After the Great Storm and How Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow. We couldn’t pick just one, so they are both Echoes CD of the Month for December. In the Echoes Podcast, Brun talks about the loss, loneliness and existential themes that inform much of both recordings.

Steve Roach was voted #2 of 30 Icons of Echoes. When we created the show 31 years ago, Steve Roach was one of the artists at the forefront of our thoughts. In fact, he was the first artist ever heard on the show since he composed the theme song we used in our earlier years. He has continued evolving his sound across that time, chronicled with a prolific outpouring of releases. And while other artists from the early years of Echoes have faded away, Steve Roach has remained vital. He is the second of 30 Icons of Echoes. Hear his story from Berlin School sequencers to techno-tribal and back again in the Echoes Podcast. Steve roach’s latest album is Tomorrow.