Anthony Moore Interview

Source: Perfect Sound Forever.

Well, there’s a bit more on Moore than that but it gives you kind of the gist of it (and shows how bad I am at limericks). Guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter/composer Anthony Moore did become a German transplant early on and did a trio of fascinating classical/minimal/experiment records for Polydor- Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom (1971), Secrets of the Blue Bag (1972) and Reed, Whistle And Sticks (a wild piece of conceptual art which didn’t actually see release until over a decade later). He also crossed paths and collaborated with kosmische legends Faust.

And then, along with singer Dagmar Krause and guitarist Peter Blegvad, he co-founded the remarkable pop/rock/cabaret combo Slapp Happy. Their initial early ’70’s run included two wonderfully strange, unique albums (which again featured the Faust crew): ’72’s Sort of and the self-titled ’74 album, aka Casablanca Moon aka Acnalbasac Noom (depending on which version of it you’re talking about). Slapp Happy would join forces with Henry Cow for two albums (In Praise of Learning, Desperate Straights, both ’75) before detaching from each other.