A Guide to Rob Mazurek’s Imaginative, Experimental Sound 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“I just try to come up with work that has the capacity to project a strong energy,” says Rob Mazurek, describing his own music. “A strong light to lift people, the environment, the room, the planet, the universe. I guess I’d call it music of the spheres.”

If the description is a bit indefinite (and more than a bit abstract), so is Mazurek’s work. A trumpeter, cornetist, and composer, his foundation is in jazz—especially the experimental variety, in which he’s regarded as a leading light. Mazurek grew up and spent most of his adult life in the Chicago area, one of the avant-jazz tradition’s richest outposts; Sun Ra, the legendary, eccentric jazz genius who also began his career in Chicago, is a major inspiration. But he is steeped in the entire jazz canon, from swing to fusion and beyond; has studied modern classical composition and loves strong melody; is a devotee of electronic music and musique concrete; lived in Brazil for five years, where he soaked up that country’s vibrant music and culture; and is plugged into Chicago’s indie rock scene.