The Chaotic Story of Cult Prog Legends Van der Graaf Generator

Source: Louder.

Hammill had 12 hours of studio time booked to record a solo LP. He asked three of his friends – Evans, Ellis and Banton – to contribute to the making of it, which they did. “And somewhere amid all the chaos of people, instruments, empty bottles and plastic cups, Van Der Graaf Generator was reborn,” stated Hammill.

Ultimately, a band album emerged: Aerosol Grey Machine. Listening to it, you’re able to recognise the band’s potential: the songs are strangely structured animals, lightweight and yet at the same time unwieldy, made edgy thorough VDGG’s curious instrumentation. Embracing it all is Hammill’s haunting and extraordinarily graphic lyricism, enhanced by his unconventional vocal phrasing.