New Releases From Cryo Chamber 

Source: Cryo Chamber.

Randal Collier-Ford – Advent out now!
Randal Collier-Ford returns to Cryo Chamber with Advent, a worldbuilding heavy dark industrial sci-fi ambient album with a massive booklet. “A world separated from natural law, emerged among the forests of South America. Research expeditions had shown the on-site flora and fauna to be mutated from local strains and species, with most, if not all […]

Dead Melodies & Beyond the Ghost – Crier’s Bane released
“Oyez, oyez, oyez!All good citizens draw near and harken unto these words. For it is grave news this ere night, grave news indeed.Be it known to all ye, that there has been another murder. A most gruesome murder, and the killer is still on the loose.So good people ye, lock up your windows, bracen your […]

Ugasanie – Freedom and Loneliness released
Ugasanie returns with his 6th album on Cryo Chamber. A cold and environmental album that invites you to the landscapes of the far north. Explore the unusual and mysterious world of Ugasanie with a warm cup of tea to protect you from frost. Ugasanie is a true master of polar ambient. For lovers of cold […]

Dahlia’s Tear – Descendants of the Moon is out!
“Descendants of the Moon” is taking us on a timeless journey; The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest great work of literature, with some parts of the story having been written well over 4000 years ago. It follows the dark and mysterious adventures of the Sumerian King Gilgamesh, who fears death, as he struggles to find […]