Electric Eclectics Festival Live Stream on November 19

Source: Electric Eclectics Festival.

Thursday, Nov. 19 at 7 pm ET, Electric Eclectics streams live to Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. EE is partnering with ESS in Chicago to stream live to their Twitch TV channel “The Quarantine Concerts”

7:00 pm: Nihilist Spasm Band (London, ON)
“The world’s first noise band” plays a live set from Forest City Gallery in London, Ontario.

8:00 pm: Shelley Hirsch improvises at home featuring Cleek Shrey
Shelley Hirsch performs solos and duets with Cleek Shrey from her loft in New York City.

8:45 pm: Underground Space Station featuring Charlie Murray

Charlie Murray performs in the Underground Space Station which is a custom-built underground sound space designed for sound performances. The USS is an on-going project collaboration between Charlie Murray and Thom Van der Vaag.

Watch the live stream on the EE Twitch TV channel:
Or on the ESS Twitch TV Channel: