Sarah Davachi’s Favourite Albums

Source: The Quietus.

If the pandemic has stymied Davachi’s release and general production plans for 2020, you certainly wouldn’t know it looking over the music she’s put out this year. In March and April, she recorded a pair of EPs – Horae (using the Korg PS-3100 and tape echo) and Five Cadences (using the Mellotron and tape echo) – from her home, releasing them digitally via her Bandcamp page as part of the platform’s monthly fee-waive days. In May, a cassette for Boomkat Editions’ Documenting Sound series, in which artists are invited to share spontaneous works produced in their homes or immediate surroundings amid the pandemic, arrived in the form of Gathers, a striking collection of sketches produced using harpsichord, piano, harmonium, Mellotron, electric organ and Davachi’s trusty EMS Synthi AKS synth.

Her final two releases for 2020 – a double album, Cantus, Descant, and an accompanying live album, Figures In Open Air – mark the launch of her own Late Music imprint, set up as a subsidiary of Warp Records. The idea of starting her own label emerged from discussions between Davachi and her manager. “I’ve always sort of jumped around from label to label, and that’s often good because you can reach different demographics of people and find different audiences who are tethered to each label,” she says. “But we both thought that it would make sense for me to have my own space to just focus on my own music.”