The Bandcamp Guide to Oneohtrix Point Never 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“My hero, Stanley Kubrick, taught me that every frame you decide to share with people should be super specific and filled to the brim with choices,” says composer and producer Daniel Lopatin, talking to Interview magazine in 2018. In his decade-and-a-half career making music as Oneohtrix Point Never (and sometimes under his own name), Lopatin has taken the lesson to heart. Listening to his music, from the crude and evocative ambient tapes he released in his earliest days to his more recent award-winning film scores, has always been an exercise in experiencing varying levels of engagement. His albums hit all the marks in terms of traditional musicality—sticky melodies, tension followed by release, textures that invite zoned-out exploration—but they’re put together to animate larger ideas, sometimes with knotty and elaborate backstories.