Tri-Centric Foundation Update and Donations Sought

Source: Tri-Centric Archive Hidden Collection Campaign.

Tri-Centric maintains Anthony Braxton’s massive and growing archive which includes roughly 33,000 pieces of print material in the form of over 400 scores and parts. The number of performances of Braxton works have been steadily increasing over the past few years. There is now a keen interest for his scores which are not yet available to the public, including Composition No. 147 which can be seen in the above video and was also featured in The New York Times. Tri-Centric often works pro bono with artists and ensembles around the world in supporting their efforts to perform the works.

Starting in 2021, Tri-Centric will strive to make available additional scores to our website for artists, ensembles, educators and the general public. Our collection of printed scores are high quality print-on-demand versions of Anthony Braxton’s original scores as well as newly typeset versions of his classic compositions. Each score takes months to prepare and proof. Currently on our list are the following:

Composition No. 31, 32, 33 for piano
Composition No. 55 for creative orchestra
Composition No. 63 for two soloists and chamber orchestra
Composition No. 101 for one multi-instrumentalist (wind or brass) and piano
Composition No. 107 for two multi-instrumentalists (wind or brass) and piano
Composition No. 146 for twelve flutes, two tubas and percussion
Composition No. 147 for three solo clarinets and chamber orchestra

Other goals for 2021 include the release of the next Anthony Braxton boxset (scheduled for June 2021) and the Tri-Axium Writings (originally scheduled for end of 2020, now rescheduled for 2021).