Hamid Drake remembers Toshinori Kondo 

Source: The Wire.

In 1987 I met the great German saxophonist Peter Brötzman in Chicago. We did a duet concert together. He had been travelling in Canada at the time with two other European musicians, but they had some problems crossing over into the US. So Peter contacted the promoter of the concert he was to do in Chicago and asked him if there was a drummer there that he could play with because of the border situation with the other two musicians. The promoter recommended me.

Thus the pre-journey began to meeting Kondo-san and also the great bassist and multi-instrumentalist William Parker. That first concert with Peter in Chicago turned out pretty good, by the way.

In 1989 Peter called together William Parker, Toshinori Kondo and myself to form a group that he called Die Like A Dog. We participated in a small festival in Wuppertal, Germany, sponsored by our good friend Uli Armbruster.