The Top 10 Heaviest Prog Albums Ever 

Source: Louder.

Pallbearer frontman Brett Campbell and bassist Joseph D Rowland don’’t just love prog, they love prog – and the further out, the better. When we asked duo to talk us through the heaviest prog albums ever made, they went deep. “Many associate progressive rock with dudes wearing outlandish costumes playing often indulgent, technical songs about obscure fantastical subjects,” says Brett. “Sounds a lot like what a lot of people think metal is, right? There’s some grain of truth to that assessment, but, in both cases, it shows a lack of understanding of the huge variety of styles all grouped under a single label. It’s a surface view of a deep well of music. How similar to one another are, for example, Meshuggah, Neurosis, and Finntroll, really? Not very. Yet, they’re all metal bands.