New From All That Dust

Source: all that dust.

Anthony Braxton
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe
Over the course of a long career spanning free jazz and experimentalism, Anthony Braxton has continually questioned the systems by which music is notated, named and played. There is a warmth and humour to Van Cauwenberghe’s response to Braxton’s Ghost Trance Music that seems fully in keeping with the project’s radical, friendly openness.

Anthony Pateras
Erkki Veltheim
Anthony Pateras
Erkki Veltheim
A sense of communication beyond the frame can be felt in the collaborations between Anthony Pateras and Erkki Veltheim. Their practice as a duo concentrates their shared interest in experiencing the materiality of music; of the way sounds become music and how that music can come to feel to be a tangible force.

Catherine Lamb
Bryan Eubanks
Xavier Lopez
wave/forming (astrum) continues some of Lamb’s experimentation with pointillism, in which short articulations — points — interact and build towards lines that lengthen into what Lamb calls a ‘more total form’. Surface figures are spirited away yet patterns emerge in time, through long arcs of harmonic transformation, and in space, as sounds shift between foreground and background of the stereo fields.