Trevor Dunn Interviewed About Disco Volante

Source: FNM Followers.

I seem to remember that they always left us alone. Patton was a big asset to them financially and in that regard it gave us some power because they had to appease him. That, for one, meant giving him the freedom to work with us as he always had. I don’t believe any of our records ever recouped which isn’t that big of a deal for a major label who have much larger fish to fry. For them it is just another tax write-off. And I have a sneaking suspicion that they possibly believed we would “grow up” musically some day and make them some money. We never had much of a real relationship with the small group of people who were supposed to be our A&R folks. Also, there was so much time between our albums that the staff had usually changed by the time we came around again. I can’t say I really remember their reaction or cared one way or the other. I do remember that getting the artwork as we wanted was a total pain in the ass and ultimately failed to a degree. Musically, however, it was a blessing to be left alone.