Graham Lambkin Solos Box Set Coming in March 2021

Source: Blank Forms.

Graham Lambkin
Solos 4xLP box set, with 42-page book
Out March 12, 2021

We first hinted at Blank Forms’ box set of Graham Lambkin’s classic first four solo LPs—Poem (For Voice & Tape), Salmon Run, Softly Softly Copy Copy, and Amateur Doubles—back in April. Global disruptions in record manufacturing flow related to COVID-19 have since forced us to delay its publication to March 12, 2021, but we think it will have been well worth the wait. Now that its accompanying 42-page book has been completed, we are ready to share more details.

The years between Graham Lambkin’s tenure with the legendary Shadow Ring and his more recent improvisational duos mark a distinct period of creative production within the artist’s insular career. Living with his family in Poughkeepsie, NY, from 2001 through 2011 Lambkin recorded and self-released four solo albums that valorized mundane domestic situations while reveling in the liminal spaces between the acts of listening, recording, and producing. Created through an ingenious economy of means, these solo records are as beguilingly seductive as they are uncanny. Perpetually laughing in his own duplicitous face, Lambkin breathed new life into musique concrète and sound poetry, giving outmoded forms a contemporary consciousness while setting the gold standard for a continuously unfolding canon of 21st century tape music.