Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Source: Downtown Music Gallery.

1973 was the first time I caught the Sun Ra Arkestra live at the Five Spot when it was located on St. Marks Place. We were at a front table and the trumpet section (3 pieces) came over during the set and sat at our table, playing into our astonished faces, one trumpeter for each of my friends. It was baptism by fire! I’ve been a Sun Ra fanatic ever since, checking the Arkestra out dozens of times live (they still exist & play live today!) and collecting their 200 recordings, films, books & t-shirts. After experiencing the Sun Ra Arkestra live throughout the seventies, I did believe that Mr. Ra was from the planet Saturn. Each of his concerts would bring us to another world, another place much better than the world we are still living in. His many recordings still inspire myself and Sun Ra fans around the world, which is pretty phenomenal considering that the earliest Arkestra recordings are from the mid-fifties!?! Further below in this newsletter we are offering five rare CD titles, all of which are limited and not so easy to find. Check your collections to make sure you own them all. This newsletter ends with a long list that I compiled earlier this week of some 200 Sun Ra titles: LP’s, CD’s, singles, books & films. Whenever a musician or serious listener compliments me for one of my reviews, this is what I tell them, it is a line I learned from Sun Ra, “Give some credit where credit is due or the same thing will happen to you!” Sun Ra’s intergalactic spaceship is about to take off again so get on down and take a journey to the stars! Who loves you all?!? We do, your friends at DMG!