Alarm Will Sound to Remotely Perform Tyshawn Sorey’s Autoschediasms

Source: Alarm Will Sound.

Alarm Will Sound presents a world premiere “live composition” of Tyshawn Sorey’s Autoschediasms

Tyshawn Sorey will guest conduct from a studio in Philadelphia
as the players perform from pods around the country:
NYC • Chicago IL • Columbia MO • Columbia SC • Appleton WI

Alarm Will Sound performs Autoschediasms by Tyshawn Sorey. Sorey’s “Autoschediasms” are live compositions: works composed in the moment, challenging the distinction between improvised and composed music. In this video-chat Autoschediasms, Sorey uses his unique language of visual gestures, text directives, and autonomous prompts to collaboratively create a piece with Alarm Will Sound in real time over video chat. He explains: “I always think compositionally. Much of what I do is craft even when I spontaneously create something. The performers must do the same and they’re equally responsible for the result. At no point can one performer take this process of making music for granted.”