Upcoming Releases From Cuneiform Records

Source: Cuneiform Records.

Anthony Pirog – Pocket Poem
ANTHONY PIROG – guitar and electronics
MICHAEL FORMANEK – acoustic and electric bass
CHES SMITH – percussion and electronics
In music, the art of the trio involves a delicate balance and holds the potential for great power. On Anthony Pirog’s Pocket Poem, his second solo album and fifth release on D.C. based Cuneiform Records, the Washington D.C. alt guitar hero and his rhythm section wring all the beauty, majesty, and mayhem possible from their triumvirate. Pirog is to guitar what Michael Jordan was to basketball — he’s capable of anything he can conceive, and his conception covers quite a bit, from ambient atmospheres and mind-melting electronic subversions of sound to lyrical acoustic picking and fiery fusion.

A Love Supreme & Meditations:
A Salvo Inspired by John Coltrane
Vinny Golia – Tenor, Soprano & Baritone Saxophones
John Hanrahan – Drums
Henry Kaiser – Guitar
Wayne Peet – Hammond & Yamaha Organs
Mike Watt – Bass
Some records tell you what’s what. But the album made by A Love Supreme Electric starts from a different place. “What if?” it asks. In fact, A Love Supreme Electric asks “What if?” over and over again, joyously interrogating the twin templates of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and Meditations from a kaleidoscopic array of angles.

Andi Schnellman – electric bass
Manuel Troller – electric guitars
David Meier – drums and percussion
There are bands that play beautiful, engaging concerts, take a bow and go home – and then there are others that open up completely new perspectives, make time stop, and whose clear-cut approach burns itself into the audience’s memory. Schnellertollermeier is such a band. Anyone who has seen them live will attest to the experience and, when trying to describe their music, will use words such as “stunning”, “minimalist”, “brutal”, “decisive”, “monumental”, “angry”, “controlled”, “captivating” or “radical”.