Earjerk Label Profiled

Source: Tone Madison.

One important through-line in the Earjerk catalog is improvisational recordings from a wide array of ensembles, some of which played together only once or twice, and some of which have re-convened over the years with wide and shifting memberships. The most sprawling and prolific of those is Second Family Band, whose members over time have included Ennis, Woodman, Troy Schafer (Kinit Her), Clay Ruby (Burial Hex, Wormsblood), DB Pedersen, Brian Steele (Wife, X-Ray Mirror), Dave 3000 (of WORT-FM’s Kosmik Radiation show), Ian Adcock (Conjuror), Clay Kolbinger (Maths Balance Volumes, Private Anarchy), and quite a few others. (Full disclosure: Pedersen and I are friends and have played some music together, and Adcock writes for Tone Madison.) The Grass Magic, EJK000 in the label’s catalog, captures many of those same players jamming with other noteworthy experimental musicians, including James Ferraro and Glenn Donaldson, ahead of a 2004 festival in rural southeastern Wisconsin.