How Emerson, Lake & Palmer made Brain Salad Surgery 

Source: Louder. This is an older article, but is very detailed and provides a nice overview of ELP’s entire history. If you culled select tracks off of all of ELP’s albums you’d probably have an hour or so of fairly weird stuff.

Save to say, Emerson Lake & Palmer went on to sell unfeasible quantities of records over the course of the next three years, and while the apoplectic rock’n’roll intelligentsia – as exemplified by an outraged John Peel harrumph-ing self-righteously about a “waste of talent and electricity” upon witnessing their Isle Of Wight debut – spluttered their abject disapproval, the gentlemen of ELP merely laughed themselves in an invariably bank-wards direction and improvised on Bartók like men possessed.

But with three indomitable virtuosos in a single band there was always an enormous potential for healthy creative competition to descend into bitter temperamental spats.