Gratkowski / Harnik Duet From Klangspuren 2020 Streaming 

Source: ORF-Radiothek. For a limited time, this duet will be available.

Actually everything was planned differently – as an encounter between musicians from various, especially non-European countries. But then came Covid 19. And festival curator Reinhard Kager has rescheduled. He has created a festival program in which primarily Austrian musicians will perform, a program that has the most realistic possible chance of realization in this uncertain time.

As part of the second edition of the “Improv # 1 – # 6” series on September 17th and 18th, greats from the Austrian experimental scene stood on the Schwaz festival stage. The German clarinetist and saxophonist Frank Gratkowski was invited as improviser in residence for this year. Postponed is not canceled. He will be visiting Schwaz in 2021 with larger projects. But this year he could also be heard in a new duo with the Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik – for the first time now to be experienced live in Europe.