15th Annual X-Avant Festival Going on Now

Source: Music Gallery.

Sunday, October 4th — 7 PM : Thin Edge New Music Collective & Tara Kannagara
My consistently impeccable friends, the Toronto chamber ensemble Thin Edge New Music Collective performs a program of work by Anahita Abbasi, Leila Adu, Lieke Van Der Voort, and Franghiz Ali-Zadeh in a double bill with trumpet-wielding sophisti-pop queen Tara Kannagara. It’s a match made in heaven if you ask me, even if (especially because?) it defies conventional curatorial wisdom.

Sunday, October 11th — 1 PM : c_RL & Olivia Shortt
This inspired exquisite-corpse-style event features one of my absolute favourite Toronto improvising outfits c_RL (Allison Cameron, Germaine Liu, Nicole Rampersaud) with the truly remarkable saxophonist, composer, and multifaceted artist Oliva Shortt. It was originally slated to be a part of the Göteborg Art Sounds Festival in Sweden, but of course, this cultural exchange was curtailed on account of circumstances. On the upside, though, this online iteration (still co-presented with GAS Festival) makes this partnership (and the unique recombinatory presentation) available for all.

Friday, October 16th — 7 PM : Du Yun & OK Miss + Classic Roots
OK Miss, led by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun, was concocted to offer “a singular experience—a group existing as both rock band and chamber ensemble, all while fostering all that exists in-between.” Here, this wild genre-bulldozing combo appears alongside deliciously bass-saturated Toronto techno artist Classic Roots in an event co-presented with the Aga Khan Museum.