New Releases Coming From Chant Records

Source: Chant Records.

Artist: Brian Shankar Adler
Title: For a Gallery on the Moon
Genres: New Music, Ambient, Meditative, Percussive

In his new solo album, “For a Gallery on the Moon,” peripatetic drummer, percussionist and composer Brian Shankar Adler journeys deeper into the layered topography of rhythm with a set of nine concentrated meditations representing the space between the heart and the moon. With fresh echoes of his critically acclaimed 2019 Chant Records release “Fourth Dimension” still resounding, Adler quickly pivots to create a primal percussive world: dwelling, probing, reflecting and refracting inside the very act of vibration, one that highlights subtle timbres, nuanced shifts the mesmerizing power of repetition. For the making of this album, Adler built what he refers to as a “cave” in the middle of his New York City apartment, so quiet that he could hear the faint vibrations of a whisper and so small that it fit only himself, a few small instruments, and microphones. From that place of deep stillness, Adler breathes air into a sonic world that is foreign to the ear, yet to the heart feels just like home.

Artist: Guillaume Gargaud
Title: Strange memories
Genres: Jazz, Avant Garde, Experimental

Guillaume Gargaud is a French guitarist who specializes in improvised music and composition for contemporary dance and film. He collaborated with veteran pianist Burton Green on 2019’s Chant Records release “Magic Intensity,” and has worked with other artists including Marc Edwards, Stephen Grew, Guy Bettini, Jack Wright, Mike Majkowski and Korvat Auki Ensemble. Recorded at his home studio in Le Havre, France, “Strange Memories” is Gargaud’s eighth solo album. It features the guitarist in a beautifully intimate acoustic guitar setting, playing a collection of completely improvised pieces.